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I, Amit Singh  would take you on a fascinating journey of search engine optimization, i have been doing this for past three years and know all the trades in the book to make a web page rank higher and perform well on the internet.

SEO is a precise form of search Engine Optiomisation, which is teh ultimate way to push ahead on popular web search engines. It involves a chain of reactions starting from to the articles to the page ramnks it has everything involeved in it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to increase exposure of the site in different search engines. The purpose of SEO is to get top rankings in search engine results page. Most Internet users can click on the results of years of research, especially research into their needs are met to find out exactly (up to the third page of search results page). SEO techniques will also help bring new visitors to visit our references to many other sites and directories.
How it works! 

Search engines use what is called a spider to get online to find new locations and updates. Since the page, the spider drops on the page, depending on what words, pictures, video or other content on the site. Spiders do not really recognize the images or videos, they recognize words to describe a picture or video. When someone conducts a search containing the words into a search engine that pulls its results. These words are called keywords. In most cases, these keywords to use a search engine on the web and the best opportunity to see the results set. More combinations of keywords including keywords, add the site to search engines.

Spider was to describe and name tags as the title page of sites and links to other websites. But you need to make sure you book all of these areas is very important descriptor (which is to optimize your site), but do not overdo it, because robots do not seem to be in nature and this site is prohibited. Density of 2% 7% preferred the standard keywords. In addition, it depends on the page. If it sounds good and hard-hitting content on the site is not a problem, but will rise to 12

Therefore, the Web code is so important. Many people spend much time on their site looks visually people, but they do not believe that search engine spiders. Spend more time with the code search site, search engine optimization services and get a high ranking. I do not mean to create a crawler page (or software), so visitors should be human, but is highly optimized for search engine's perspective.
SEO techniques to rank at the top 
Title: The name appears at the top of your browser (Blue Bar), also called the title bar. Make sure your name is short and concise. It also includes targeted keywords related to your site. Search engines are also used to seeing this headline in search engine results. Therefore, to describe the content of your site so that users are interested in entering the place.

Keywords: Keywords are an important part of SEO techniques. Unfortunately, too many webmasters. Keywords are one of the high ranking in search engines. You will find many tips on adding keywords such as ALT tags, anchors and other areas. Although they are intended to be used if you want to improve your search keywords are relevant to an image or a place where you can create a link. Many try to share passwords for all locations. In general I would say, you can optimize your on page 3 of keywords or phrases. I recommend starting with one or two. But never too many keywords. Again, it is wise to put another set of keywords related to the (second and third degree), which are similar, but not quite the same as the most important keywords. The main advantage to use these keywords to bring new visitors to the website of the tail key phrases. Having a large and a number of keywords in a Web page, you can very well be a consequence of the fact that when someone uses one of these combinations of keywords in their search. This method is very effective, but many do not use it. When you try to attract new visitors to the site you want to use several methods as possible. Use the keyword option is recommended that you use for each page you use the main keyword.

Meta tags: There are two parts to the Meta-tag:
1. Description
2. Keywords

Information must be brief, but must be sound logic and descriptive for the reader. Many times this will be the text in the search for your topic. Would you give the reader a glimpse page. Write something that will make them understand what the page around, and forcing them to click on your site.

Keyword is the same keywords that you have to think out your SEO research. It's the same keywords and the text on your page.

Link: If other sites on the links page on your website, search engines can find these links and is considered a voice of support. The sites most linked to the quality of your site higher in search engines. A good way to get one way links directory offers. So if you have a unique and informative content on your page so that other sites would be interested in linking to your site and see for visitors to your website.

Many websites are not the visitors because of low search engines. Using SEO techniques discussed above to maximize your search engine positioning and achieve your goals with a good number of visitors through the organic results. 



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